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Burger Tonight = Breakfast Tomorrow

Don’t eat the whole bun!  Save some for breakfast!  Slice off the inside of hamburger buns and use them for french toast or for sandwiches.  You’ll never miss the extra bread and you gain a free breakfast!



Chia Seeds - Best Thing EVER.

I put them in my smoothie everyday!  Check out this article from one of my favorite gurus and you’ll see why. 

The Single Diet Fix for Super Natural Energy

The American livestock industry required 20 million tons of soy & vegetable protein to produce 2 million tons of beef. The 18 million tons lost in the process were enough to provide 12 urgently needed grams of protein daily to EVERYONE in the world.

Frances Moore Lappé,  Diet for a Small Planet

[I am an ex-vegetarian.  I eat red meat.  I think about where it comes from.  I buy grass-fed.  I have a happy hour meat-phobia]

The Principles of Salad Design

I concur!  Check out: Salad Days

Would You Rather…

Would you rather share chocolate decadence or split an oatmeal raisin cookie?  This is a no brainer - give me decadence! For ten more calories, you can have the chocolate.  And here you thought you were being healthy by picking oatmeal.  

A late night grocery run brought on the need to share something sweet.  ”Let’s split a cookie” was the bf’s request.  Because this brand seemed to be the only option at the co-op, I started to weigh my options and found that the only thing outrageous about this cookie is that it’s 480 calories a pop - that’s like my whole lunch!  

Moral of the story - if you’re going to indulge, make sure it feels like you’re indulging.  Half an oatmeal cookie doesn’t even register as dessert for me.  ALWAYS READ THE LABEL! (and one cookie should never = 2 servings you silly cookie makers) 

Finally, A No-Package Grocery Store!

Within the next year, Austin, Texas, could be home to in.gredients, a grocery store that eliminates the paper and plastic containers that most food comes in. Instead, the zero-packaging store will offer most of its wares in bulk bins.

Do you have food allergies? Want to know why? Watch this to find out why the US has the highest rates of cancer in the WORLD. 


Organic Produce Delivery

A picture of my friend’s biweekly produce delivery - YUM!

Organic Produce delivery is a great thing!  You get fresh, seasonal fruits, veggies, and herbs delivered right to your door! I love to eat what’s in season because flavors are at their peak. It’s also nice to know that it didn’t come from New Zealand just because I want it now.

Patience is a good thing. The anticipation of what’s coming up next just makes it all the more enjoyable to finally sink your teeth into that juicy peach or that I-can’t-believe-it-can-be-so-sweet piece of corn. We should all look forward to fruits and vegetables! Not only that, but because the contents of your box are seasonal you end up getting a few items that you may not usually buy and that forces you to think outside of the box - always a good thing!  Be creative and experiment!

We all know organic produce is expensive. I look at it as an investment; it’s an investment in my health and an investment in organic agriculture. Plus, cancer is expensive! Produce delivery is comparable to shopping at your local farmers market (which I also recommend) and you get to save on gas money!

Find one near you and give it a try! Many offer deals on your first box. You can pick and choose the contents (so you’re not stuck with things you dislike) and select a schedule that works for you!

Buy organic… unless you’re thick skinned!

It’s not always possible to buy organic or affordable for that matter.  If you must pick and choose, here are ten items you don’t want to compromise on:

  • peaches
  • strawberries
  • cherries
  • pears
  • nectarines
  • grapes
  • apples
  • celery
  • spinach
  • bell peppers

Just remember - the thicker the skin, the safer you are!  Wait, we’re talking about produce here, right?

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