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Organic Produce Delivery

A picture of my friend’s biweekly produce delivery - YUM!

Organic Produce delivery is a great thing!  You get fresh, seasonal fruits, veggies, and herbs delivered right to your door! I love to eat what’s in season because flavors are at their peak. It’s also nice to know that it didn’t come from New Zealand just because I want it now.

Patience is a good thing. The anticipation of what’s coming up next just makes it all the more enjoyable to finally sink your teeth into that juicy peach or that I-can’t-believe-it-can-be-so-sweet piece of corn. We should all look forward to fruits and vegetables! Not only that, but because the contents of your box are seasonal you end up getting a few items that you may not usually buy and that forces you to think outside of the box - always a good thing!  Be creative and experiment!

We all know organic produce is expensive. I look at it as an investment; it’s an investment in my health and an investment in organic agriculture. Plus, cancer is expensive! Produce delivery is comparable to shopping at your local farmers market (which I also recommend) and you get to save on gas money!

Find one near you and give it a try! Many offer deals on your first box. You can pick and choose the contents (so you’re not stuck with things you dislike) and select a schedule that works for you!

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